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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  August 21, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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l-bl-bl! bl-bl-bl-bl-bl-bl-bl-bl! honk-a, honk-a. [ laughs ] this is fox 5 news at 10:00. uprising in libya, rebel forces are taking tripoli right now signaling what may be the end to the more than four
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decade gadhafi regime. caught in the crossfire, a local child barely old enough to walk shot in the face, how it happened and who police are looking for not. the 9/11 memorial ride bigger than ever, the motorcade of special riders arriving at their final destination commemorating the lives lost. we begin in libya, gadhafi under siege. right now it's becoming increasingly clear the end to the moammar gadhafi regime may be near. i'm will thomas. it is all unfolding right now as we speak. rebels with the help of nato have taken strategic areas of libya's capital tripoli, citizens taking to the streets and celebrating claiming this will be the first day of a new beginning. our report tonight from fox's dominic venatelli. >> reporter: after more than six months of fierce fighting
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libyan rebels finally entering the country's capital tripoli. the rebels say there was little resistance as moammar gadhafi's troops appeared to melt away. rebel leaders also say they captured one of gadhafi's sons, one time mastermind of the libyan defense seif al-islam. this all comes hours after the rebels took over a major military base outside tripoli, but the libyan government says it won't give up. >> we will fight because we have the right to and we have the leader gadhafi. he led us in this confrontation for dignity and our freedom from nations' agendas. >> reporter: gadhafi releases his second auto message sunday urging his protection. >> there's no going back. we should go to the end of the earth that we want to liberate from the occupier. >> reporter: but according to some reports, gadhafi is in
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algeria now. meanwhile leaders of the national transitional council are talking to u.s. officials about a post-gadhafi government. >> nobody thinks the people who call themselves the transitional national council are likely to stick around for very long. >> they're smaller groups like the democratic party of libya, which is in london, that really believes that everything that you and i and the white house is comfortable with. >> reporter: while on vacation in martha's vineyard president obama has been talking about libya. libyan rebel forces are now in the very center of tripoli and amid long held rebel heartland of benghazi thousands of people are celebrating with fireworks and waving flags and here in neighboring tunisia libyan refugees are also celebrating with gunfire and with car horns.
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new tonight at 10:00 police are searching for a former olympic hopeful in this weekend's shooting of a maryland toddler. shortly after 9 p.m. last night a 2-year-old boy was hit by a stray bullet as he was playing outside his mother's glenarden home. fox 5's tisha thompson is following the investigation and learning more about the person of interest. let's start with this 2-year- old victim, deandre johnson. how is he doing? >> we know the child was shot in the face. police say he's in critical but stable condition. now we want people to take a good look at a picture police are circulating of what they are calling a person of interest. this is 18-year-old devin angel matos and fox 5 has discovered he has a past that will surprise you. police may not be able to find him on the street, but devin angel matos is all over youtube. multiple sources tell fox 5 police are searching for a
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former junior olympic boxer once ranked no. 1 in the country in his age group. boxing friends say matos was training for the 2012 olympics earlier this summer when a shoulder injury forced him out of the ring and that's when friends say he started running with a different crowd. >> we really need to bring him in and the chief has put every available man onto this. >> reporter: prince george's county police now want to talk to matos about why they think two men started shooting at each other in the parking lot of this glenarden apartment complex when a stray bullet hit 2-year-old deandre johnson as he sat in his mother's arms. >> we believe that devin angel matos may know something or may have been involved in the events of the evening. we haven't positively identified him as being involved, but we think he might know something at very least and we want to talk to him about that. >> my baby was innocent. he didn't do anything. he got to suffer a lot. he got to go through stuff the
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rest of his life. >> reporter: shakita johnson said her little boy was shot in the face. >> i picked up my baby and ran and i had blood on my shirt and he was bleeding coming from his neck and his mouth. >> reporter: friends say matos is a good kid who may have got involved with the wrong people. so this mother is begging matos and anyone else involved in the shooting to do the right thing. >> just turn yourself in, please. >> one boxing friend says matos have good parents who always kept a strict eye on their son, but when they spoke with his father tonight, even he didn't know where hisson anymore. police are still looking -- his son was anymore. police are still looking for matos, 1-866-411-tips is crime solvers and it can be anonymous. a new and extensive search for the maryland woman missing
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in aruba is expected to start this week. 35-year-old robyn gardner has been missing yearly three weeks. suspect gary giordano from gaithersburg maintains she never resurfaced after then went snorkeling august 2nd. two days after her disappearance aruban law enforcement officials say he tried to collect on a $1.5 million travel insurance policy he had taken out on her. he remains in custody in aruba while the investigation and that search continue. the hoyas goodwill trip to china is back on track after a bench clearing brawl in last week's game. the georgetown university men's basketball team won today's friendly match against a chinese team in shanghai. georgetown is ready to leave thursday's fight in the past. >> the way we came in the other day is not how anyone would have anticipated life or very few people ever have seen anything like that, but at the same time you move on. you grow. you meet the next day. you realize that, you know,
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there aren't that many differences between us. >> last week's fight forced the game to stop twice and then it was eventually ended early. the fight apparently began because the game was becoming too physical. an early morning tomorrow for students in prince george's county in the district. it is the first day of classes for the new school year. it is also the first day for the use of speed cameras in ft. washington. these cameras are set up in the area of bordine middle school and kayak elementary school on allentown road. the first 30 days you get a warning if you speed through. after that you get a ticket in the mail. i know a lot of you are waiting to find out what the first day of school is going to look like outside, how you dress the kids and yourself, but first let's talk about the storms. torrential rain today and it didn't let up for some of you tonight. gwen tolbart in the weather center busy as always. gwen, how's it look? >> we're getting a bit of a lull right now, but i'm not ruling out more storms before the night is over. let's begin with a look at radar.
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i want to show you the culprit and that's that cold front. ahead of the cold front is where we got all the action. there was a trough situated over our area and that just sort of kicked up all the storms in a very hot unstable air mass. the cold front has yet to pass. it will pass in the course of tonight and along the line of the front we will see more storms. this is our national composite picking up all the radar site everywhere. you can see there's action already towards areas of the west closer towards that front. we'll look at our sentinel live fox 5 radar. we've got showers pushing threw the shenandoah -- through the shenandoah valley and potomac highlands. winds are gusting 25 miles an hour, baltimore and anne arundel seeing rainfall there as well. moving through tonight we'll have to keep our eyes to the skies. here's a look at some of the damage from today's storms, hail, downed trees and power lines. it's 78 degrees now at national
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airport, humidity up near 81%, so sticky, mostly cloudy, but once again rain and storms still possible before it's all said and done. i'll have that important weekday forecast a little later. back to you. the 9/11 memorial ride roared into new york city today. it was phase three of the ride. it started in shanksville, pennsylvania, at the flight 93 memorial site, stopped at the pentagon. today nearly three thousand first responders and supporters arrived at the final destination, ground zero. they ended their journey with a ceremony honoring those who died during the attacks nearly 10 years ago. >> what we want to do is present a flag that was flown here in manhattan on september 11th, 2009, flown at the pentagon and flown at the flight 93 memorial all three the same day. this is flag 35 for the baltimore city police department. [ applause ] >> the ride started in
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november, 2001. it raises money for the 9/11 foundation which helps first responders and their families. the biggest turnout so far. fears of a global recession are hitting markets here at home. now voters want to know what the president and republicans who want to replace him plan to do about it. is social security running out of money? how baby boomers and the unemployment rate are draining the funds, just some of the stories coming your way right here on fox 5 news at 10:00 for this sunday night. glad to have you with us.
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the commander in chief hit the links today for a round of golf in martha's vineyard, the third day of vacation for the president, but the white house said it's certainly not all down time. earlier president obama and defense secretary leon panetta received an update on the latest developments in libya and you heard him say he's monitoring the developments there a few moments ago. several republican presidential candidates are criticizing the president for taking a vacation at the upscale island resort at
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a time of economic uncertainty. another devastating week for the international and u.s. economy has a lot of you asking the same question. what's the plan? that was the subject of debate on the sunday morning talk shows. fox 5's money reporter melanie alnwick has our wrapup tonight. >> reporter: fears of a global recession have taken hold. the stock market keeps sliding. consumer confidence is slipping away and americans want to know what washington is going to do about it. in his weekly address president obama called again for cooperation. >> we need folks in washington, the people whose job it is to deal with the country's problems, the people you elected to serve, we need them to put aside their differences to get things done. >> reporter: on face the nation economist mark vandy said cooperation in congress on the debt deal spending cut is the first thing that needs to happen. >> they have to execute on that in a reasonably graceful way. if they don't we'll get more downgrades, more turmoil in the stock market and we're done,
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back in reception. >> reporter: vandy agrees payroll tax cuts next need extended as well. republicans want even more. >> it ought to go with a commitment to jobs and growth. that means energy, stopping the overregulation and i already mentioned tax reform. >> reporter: democrats say it's a question of values. >> the question is whether or not we're going back to wall street and big corporations writing the rules or whether we're going to move forward and make smart investments and put people back to work. >> reporter: it's a battle of ideologies playing out on the campaign trail. on fox news sunday gop candidate and former pennsylvania senator rick santorum said the first thing he'd do is repeal healthcare reform. then? >> one big idea is to cut the corporate tax for all manufacturers from 35% to 0. you want to get jobs back in this country. >> reporter: jobs everyone agrees on. how to create them? americans are still waiting for
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solid answers. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. applications for social security's disability program are drastically up from where they were just a decade ago. this year 3.3 million people are expected to apply. that's a million more than 2001. new congressional estimates say the trust fund that pays social security disability will run out of money in just six years. the surge in applications has been due in part to disabled persons who have lost their jobs and can't find new ones. vice president joe biden in china is telling people in china that their holdings in dollar assets are safe. he addressed a crowd sunday during his trip overseas at a university. the vice president stressed the country's $1.7 trillion investment is safe despite a recent downgrading in the u.s. credit rating. a recent missile attack could lead to more violence
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despite agreed ton ceasefire. >> reporter: late sunday night -- to ceasefire. >> reporter: late sunday night was an agreement of this hamas truce, but the truth is always in the action, not the words. the only thing it takes to start a war is one rocket hitting a school as it did today here in southern israel. you can see the damage to this gymnasium wall that we're standing on top of. i'll show you where this rocket ended up. it went through the roof down into the gymnasium. so if kids had been there, a lot of people would have gotten hurt. while nobody was here today because the school year has not started yet here in israel, last night a lot of people got hurt. the warning sirens went off just as people in this neighborhood were breaking the sabbath. you can see where the ground missile came in. this is the car park that was destroyed and you can see what it did to the side of that house there. these truly are weapons of terror. they're destruction and killing
10:19 pm
as random as it is instantaneous and not only do they have razor sharp shrapnel, this is part of the body of the missile, but inside gauze at factories where they make these, they -- gaza the factories where they make these, they're packing these missiles with ball bearings. so if the missile explodes, this is what goes out. the man who died in this attack was standing where i am and witnesses say he was actually lifted off the ground by the force of the explosion. he was doing what he was supposed to do, take cover behind this wall and you can see what the shrapnel did to this wall. it's an incredible amount of damage. one ball bearing embedded itself here. a number of the others just pulverized the area right here and that pulverization is exactly what happened to the man who was killed. >> there was another guy that was quite obviously conscious and i sort of had to make a decision. >> reporter: the people who were in this house were able to take cover. had they been in there kitchen, you can see what would have
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happened to them, their refrigerator torn part by the shrapnel. as they headed up the stairs, they would have been cut down by the same shrapnel coming in. leland vitters, fox news. a growing number of people say they have seen a mystery animal in maryland. we go to sherri ly to find out if the creature is real and if we can catch it on camera. local police say this man is behind 11 bank robberies. now they're asking for your help to stop this criminal before he does it again. stay with us. from 
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dozens of people have now seen a mysterious creature lurking in the woods around prince george's hospital center in chevrolet. we asked fox 5's john han hen to try to find the creature -- hanrahan to try to find the
10:24 pm
creature. >> reporter: the rules in most hospitals are so strict employees can't even go to their own cars to take a smoking break. so those who still have the tobacco habit have taken to standing at the edge of nearby woods about. a month ago reports began -- woods. about a month ago reports began circulating of sightings of a mysterious creature. photographs started appearing. not everybody believed the sorries. >> no. i kind of thought people were making something up. >> reporter: photoshoping? >> yes. >> reporter: you really weren't sure it was real? >> no, i wasn't. >> reporter: more sightings and hospital employees took more photos of the weird looking creature. >> looked like a tail of a rat and the head of a deer, back legs like a canning gay radio, back legs longer than -- kangaroo, back legs longer than the front. >> it has like ears of a rabbit, extremely long tail, no hear. >> reporter: it was decided to set a live trap for the mysterious animal to prove once
10:25 pm
and for all it exists. what did you use for bait? >> we used chicken and chinese food. >> reporter: how long did it take to get the critter? >> it took about two hours. >> reporter: after about 20 minutes of documenting the existence of this creature with more photos and a video, the employees released the animal back into the woods. so what is this hairless big eared creature with a very long tail that looks like a rat tail? rodney taylor has been working with wild and domesticated animals for 29 years. he took a look at the photos. >> it is a fox. >> reporter: what kind of fox has no hair? >> it's a fox that has lost all his hair, real severe case of mange which will cause all the hair to fall off the bosomed? >> reporter: since the creature is obviously ill, an -- off the body. >> reporter: since the creature is obviously ill, animal rehabilitators are going to catch it and treat it. >> clearly not a little guy you
10:26 pm
want to cuddle up. with. nearly a dozen bank robberies in virginia and maryland and police think the same guy is behind them all, how you can help them catch a suspected thief as we continue. and one high school band is getting ready for the trip of a lifetime, the role they'll play in next sunday's dedication ceremony of the dr. martin luther king jr. memorial.
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you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. montgomery county police have teamed up with detectives in two jurisdictions and the fbi trying to catch a serial bank robber. they believe the same man has committed 11 roberts in montgomery county and northern virginia. -- robberies in montgomery county and northern virginia. fox 5's audrey barnes is following this one for ors tonight. >> the suspect's crime spree -- for us tonight. >> the suspect's crime spree started in july of 2009 and police say he's still going
10:30 pm
strong. police want to get him off the streets. this is the man montgomery county police say has robbed eight banks there and three in alexandria and arlington. the first bank he hit was this bank on georgia avenue and olney in july of 2010. he came back in september and robbed it again. >> detectives working with the fbi believe the same suspect is involved in eight bank robberies that started in july of 2010 and the latest one was in july of 2011. >> reporter: also some in virginia? >> three in northern virginia. >> reporter: the robberies have all been in broad daylight at several different banks including bb&t, pnc and wachovia. he was a repeat offender at this suntrust bank on falls road in potomac robbing it once in january and again last month. >> i don't know what his motivation is, but he's been very busy. we'd like to get him. >> reporter: before he hurts someone with a handgun he displays at each robbery.
10:31 pm
>> there's always a concern whenever there's a robbery and a gun involved. luckily tellers have done what he has asked them to do and this suspect has not used the handgun. we'd love to hear from the public be. we'd love to get any information -- public. we'd love to get any information that someone has in order to get this person off the street. >> reporter: crime solvers is offering a $1,000 reward for information that helps police catch the suspect. if you recognize him, call police in montgomery county, arlington or alexandria. >> audrey, thank you. the virginia man accused of killing his wife and three children said he had nothing to do with their deaths. 36-year-old john reagan is currently being held in north carolina. the bodles of crystal reagan and their three children ages 6 to 15 years old were found friday in their burned newport news apartment. police want to bring him back to virginia where he's wanted on four charges of first degree murder and 5 other counts. less than a week away now until the dedication of the dr.
10:32 pm
martin luther king, jr. memorial and a week long list of events is planned. due to an overwhelming demand the city ditched the idea to require tickets to the early preview of the memorial tuesday. stevie wonder, jamie foxx and aretha franklin are just some of the major artists set to perform at the dedication. meanwhile one lucky marching band from dr. king's namesake high school is getting ready to perform at the dedication themselves. fox's chris shaw has more tonight. [ band playing ] >> reporter: it's saturday morning and it's hot inside the mlk high school band room. these teenagers could probably think of a million other things to do with their valuable free time, but they chose to be here to prepare for something special. >> it's monumental really. >> reporter: it's literally monumental when the martin luther king, jr. memorial opens next weekend just off the national mall at the edge of
10:33 pm
the tidal basin, these 150 students will be playing their music. >> to perform in front of 100,000 people on camera is amazing. >> reporter: mlk high school marching band applied for, then were chosen to perform next saturday at an event leading up to the unveiling. the band has traveled before, even to south africa a few years ago, but this they say is different. >> i feel honored to be go, to be able to be a part of history like that. that's not just like something that oh, yeah, a couple years ago we did that. this is they're going to know mlk high school played at this event. >> reporter: as these students pick up their uniforms for the performance, their band director hopes they will view this as more than just an exciting opportunity. he hopes they will take away a life lesson. >> we're not here on our own merits. you know, we're standing on the shoulders of the past generations that came before us, even before my time, even before their parents' time and that's what this monument
10:34 pm
symbolizes. it's not just about dr. king. it's about everyone that played a part in that civil rights movement, not just black people, but white people, asian, everyone that participated in that movement to make this country what it. is. >> reporter: chris shaw, fox 5 news. >> the memorial dedication is set for august 28th. we want you to be part of it. go to our website and look under dedicating the dream. there you can share your stories, photos and video about how dr. king impacted your life. change-of-pace is on the way, how the nats didn't even have to swing a bat to win their game, plus the redskins back on the practice field today. dave feldman is up next with the latest news from redskins park. >> gwen, i know you're monitoring storm activity. >> we had a busy day today from watches and warnings to heavy rainfall, lightning and gusty winds. out to the west now this frontal system is the culprit. we've been waiting for it to
10:35 pm
come through. all the storms we had earlier were well ahead of it. now we could be in for another round of storms as it moves in tonight. we'll have the details coming up and a look at that all important five-day forecast. we'll be back after the break.
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i don't want to jinx them, so i'll knock on wood before i say, it but so far so good for the redskins. >> yeah. they've won their two preseason games and they've looked pretty good. rex grossman looked good. beck looked good in game two. it's preseason. >> it's early with, but we'll take it. >> early returns are positive. hi, everyone, rain and thunderstorms shortened redskins practice today. it did not affect laron landry who sat out because he tweaked his hamstring last week. ryan torain is limited but friday was a chance for second year brandon austin to make a
10:39 pm
statement and he did averaging 11.3 yards per return including a 29-yard return in the 1st quarter. he also caught all three balls he was thrown to by john beck. austin certainly making a case for the 53-man roster. >> this is definitely showing i'm versatile and that i for the some type of value if i'm able to do that and i can show why i deserve to be on the team. >> terrance is big time player. what i mean by that is he can play special team. he can play offense. he can play inside position, so i like the way he handles himself. he always has his head in the game. >> john beck impressed friday night in his first preseason start against the colts, completed 14 of 17 passes, 104 yards, no interceptions. beck led all four of the team's scoring drives accounting for 16 points. today beck celebrated his 30th birthday as team returned to the practice field. in prep for thursday's third
10:40 pm
preseason game against the ravens. so does the birthday boy feel more experienced with age? >> so much more than yesterday because i'm 30 now, no. you know what? it was cool yesterday. my kids and wife did something for me. i got to go out to dinner and then it's back to football. i'm really excited on go play this week against the ravens. it's been kind of cool. i had some my friends call from that team and call and wish me happy birthday. >> the redskins third preseason game this thursday against the ravens can be seen on our sister station my 20, 8:00 kickoff. baseball now, nats and phillies bottom 9, two outs, nats down to one and ian desmond down to his last strike and that's when he strikes, the game tying home run collapse of antonio besardo, just his fifth of the year. ryan zimmerman comes in with the game winning run and the
10:41 pm
nats beat the phillies by final score of 5-4. philly is the best team in baseball with the best record. nats win the series. so that is a big series win and the diamondbacks come to town starting tomorrow. nats on a roll. >> sounds good, the nats and the redskins. we like that. we'll see you for nissan sports xtra. feldy and i both have ties to the bay area. i know you've been to candlestick park. roll this video. caught on camera football fans getting violent at a game between the 9ers and raiders, what police say is behind several fights that broke out as we continue here on the 10. 
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10:44 pm
an act of god made for a difficult appearance for pope benedict xvi in spain. he was speaking to hundreds of the faithful when suddenly a storm blew in battering the holy father with powerful wind gusts and pounding rain. coincidentally, the place where he was speaking is called the
10:45 pm
four winds. this was day three of a four- day trip to spain during the catholic church's celebration of world youth week. >> well, boy, that gives us an easy transition into weather tonight. certainly we have been pounded by our own storms and some really torrential downpours today. >> we did have a lot of watches and warnings and many of our areas saw a lot of rain and cloud-to-ground lightning. now we have to brace ourselves because around 2:00 is what we could be facing tonight. >> here we go. >> it's the reality of this time of the year. we just have these storms rolling through. here's a live look outside. we've got mainly cloudy skies in the district, no wet weather to speak about as far as downtown metro area concerned, but we have more storms possibly in the forecast for tonight. we'll talk about those. some tropical troubles as well. things are brewing up in the tropics and the week will start very pleasant. you'll like that weather
10:46 pm
forecast, but late week we have some changes. so we've got a whole mishmash of things going on. we'll begin with a look at radar and show you exactly what's happening. this is our fox 5 live sentinel radar here. this is our max hd radar. this is where we'll talk about this frontal system because all the storms that kicked up today were in advance of this particular frontal system. we did have this trough here that also helped spark thing and this hot humid air mass and a lot of instability that built in with our sunshine. so it made the atmosphere very juicy and just sort of very suitable as far as storms are concerned and for them to fire up and that's what happened. now we have to deal with this frontal system pushing its way through. so we have the storms ahead of it. now as it moves through we expect to see another round of storms. so we have that chance tonight. hopefully they won't be severe all over again. this is our national composite radar. so you're seeing a lot more radar spots here picking up activity, but as we go back to our weather maps and you'll see
10:47 pm
our fox 5 live doppler radar, most of the activity is here to the far west, shenandoah valley over the potomac highlands and a little bit over the northeast pushed past baltimore headed up to new england. so things are a little calmer generally, but overall we saw what's behind it and what's supposed to come through. we really have to keep our eyes to the sky in terms of tonight and see how it pans itself out, but there is a possibility still. here's a look at some of the storm damage today from gusty winds up to 60 miles per hour to flooded streets. it was 18 inches of rainfall on one particular street in baltimore, hey up to 1 inch and we had a lot of downed trees and downed wires as well. so the storms really did their damage. our highs today, a hot 88 degrees for national airport, 89 in dulles and 97 degrees at baltimore and here's a look at where we are now, 78 degrees, our temperature currently, 81% humidity, southwesterly wind at 10 miles an hour. so temperatures now elsewhere,
10:48 pm
we have 76 at dulles, 77 fredericksburg, 75 degrees at baltimore. 76 for boston up the mid average and 72 for new york city. as the front moves through, still storms behind, it nice ridge of high pressure, an influx of cooler air that kicks in as well. we've got sunshine for glue and that will stick around a couple days -- for you and that will stick around a couple days and by midday we'll be around 83 degrees. we've got the tropics to talk about and a potential hurricane on our doorstep, tropical storm irene expected to gain hurricane status by monday and then this is the cone of uncertainty where we could see some effects by friday across areas of the southeastern u.s. tonight still a chance of storms, humid, 70 degrees and then for tomorrow talking 85 degrees, no shortage of sunshine. that sticks around right through hump day, got lots of sunshine tuesday, wednesday before the next system kicks
10:49 pm
in, temperatures cooler, though, too, will. we'll see a bit more comfort in the next few days. >> just have to be patient for a few days. thanks, gwen. a vigil for a survivor of the stage collapse at the indiana state fair. the crowd gathered yesterday in pendleton about a half hour north of indianapolis to offer support to andrea vallenga. the 30-year-old is in critical condition and has what doctors categorize as brain trauma. now she is not responding to any stimulus, but the people who showed up to support her are hoping for a miracle. >> she has an endearing faith and just an endearing personality that draws people to her. she's the kind of person people want to be around and want to emulate and so i think that's part of the reason why the community has rallied around her so much is this notion that people love her. they care about her and there's something about her that really they want to be like. >> about 40 others were hurt in that collapse. five people were killed. in san francisco several people hurt after brawls broke
10:50 pm
out at a preseason football game. take a look at this scene at candlestick park. a lot of these punches are connected. it's just ugly and it's not clear, but a crowd of 49ers fans attacked another man who was wearing the opposing team's jersey. a fight in a bathroom left another person unconscious and two people were shot when gunfire erupted outside the stadium. more than 500 people packed a church to honor the memory of a toddler killed in missouri. 3-year-old brianne rodriguez disappeared while riding her bicycle in her neighborhood. a body turned up two weeks later not far from her home. friends and family carried her pink casket in a procession to the cemetery yesterday. >> right now at this time they really need all the support they can get and we're all there for them. >> brianne's neighbor shawn morgan is charged with first degree murder and is due in court august 30th.
10:51 pm
according to document documents, he admitted to law enforcement that he suffocated little brianne with a plastic trash bag. nearly 20 years ago an 8- year-old boy was murdered. three men were convicted of killing him. tonight they are all free and the community that lost that child is wondering how it happened. fox's tom davis explains. >> reporter: clifford's barbershop seventh and broadway west memphis arkansas. the hot topic of the dahab the west memphis three and they're -- day has been the west memphis three and they're walking out of there. >> i'm glad they're getting out of there and get their life back on track. >> reporter: and the other hot topic of the day, why did the west memphis three who claim to be innocent of all charges, plead guilty before being released? how did that happen? >> something ain't matching up, you know. i think they just want to let them out for points this time here, but i guess that's how
10:52 pm
the judicial system works. you got to play by their rules. >> the judicial system is like a haze to men right now. you don't want to walk into it because you'll suffocate. >> reporter: down the road in neighboring marion, arkansas, business is brisk at smoke's tobacco warehouse and discount beer. the topic here is also the release of damien echols, jessie misskelley and jason baldwin. some don't think that they should ever see the light of day. >> i think they should have stayed where they're at. don't let them come around me. >> i don't think they should have let them out because i believe they did it. i really do. >> 18 years you had to go there for some reason. when did they put them there in the beginning for? >> reporter: so they should have left them prison? >> as far as i'm concerned. >> i have really mixed emotions about it. i have to tend to believe that they're innocent, but then again you've got a jury that found them guilty. >> reporter: some here believe
10:53 pm
that the west memphis three got a raw deal all around. >> i think when they told them that they plead guilty and let them go, they were tricking them because they wanted to get out and they tricked them. they tell them to plead guilty, they would let them go and i don't think that's right. >> reporter: finding a clear cut winner in any of this is tough. it depend on who you talk to. some say -- depends on who you talk to. some say it was the state of arkansas by letting the west memphis three plead guilty, maintain their innocence and go free after 18 years time served. >> nobody won. let's put it that way, but the state got off without their lawsuit. the kids got out of jail. the families will never see their kids. so it's an end to a very difficult situation. >> reporter: as for who's responsible for the murders of 8-year-old steve branch, christopher byers and michael moore, for many the question still lingers and as for
10:54 pm
justice and whether or not it was served? >> the only one that knows is god and whoever did it, god will deal with them. god knows them. a death defying escape of an suv that swallowed up a chicago sinkhole. the driver was on his way to work saturday when he suddenly dropped into the earth. his suv landed upside down and he couldn't get his seatbelt off, but somehow he managed to get out as the suv was filling up with water in this 14-foot deep hole. >> you could see the car had landed upside down. they pulled it out with crane. >> a water main break caused the sinkhole. the driver survived with only scrapes, bumps and bruises, something else. all right. surf is up for an unlikely instructor. meet the golden retriever helping people with special needs catch some waves. and hundreds of teens lined up for hours to see their favorite band only to be turned
10:55 pm
away, what went wrong in an al bun signing at a local malcomb -- album signing at a local mall coming up on the news edge at 11:00. navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs. that's why having the right real estate agent is more important than ever. at, you can find experts in short sales or bank-owned properties or commercial real estate, agents who can help speed up the process, no matter how intricate. and that's good news, whether you're trying to sell or hoping to buy.
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they say a dog is a man's best friend, but in california there's a golden retriever that's more than a friend. she is a teacher. the dog has been helping disabled people learn how to surf. >> she's helping me. >> reporter: sabeen becker loves dogs but has a special bond with this one, ricochet or ricky, a 3-year-old golden retriever with a thing for pink. born with very small arms, sabeen has learned to do life left footed. >> i have learned to use my feet for everything, putting my makeup on, driving my car, getting dressed. >> reporter: but she never thought she would learn to surf, that is, until she metric
10:59 pm
shea. >> she stablizes the -- met ricochet. >> she stablizes the board. somehow she does it so we're not off balance. she is just standing there and surfs with us. >> reporter: ricochet never started out as a surf dog. in fact, it happened by accident. exactly two years ago ricochet was in the water with patrick ivanson, a paraplegic teenager who loved surfing. >> ricochet jumped off her board and jumped on my back and so you could like see everyone on the beach and in the water like a light bulb turning on like over their heads like wait a second. this could work. >> reporter: and work it did. since then this water pup has helped dozens of disabled people catch waves. her owner, judy fredono, says ricky knows just what to do to keep each person hanging 10. >> i wanted her to make a difference in one life as a service dog and she's touched millions and millions. >> for a person like myself it kind of provides like an adrenaline sort of fun and surfing


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